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October 24

The fall blow has been on since the last post, and not much else. blah.
A few breaks here and there from the wind, normal temps for most of it with a few days of warm chinooks blowing in from the west. Very dusty and brown around here now.
More wind in store for the weekend, feeding into a deep low to the north as it tracks east. A few days ago it looked like we might have a bit of a clipper lined up to sweep past just to the east, now it is forecast to stay up north, but will still drag some frosty air down from the north for Sunday before another ridge builds in from the west bringing above normal temps for next week.
There is some real frosty air hanging around in the Yukon, and some interesting kinks in the stream coming in from the west on the long range models, maybe something can finally get brewing in a week or so.
At this point, I’ll take anything interesting.
The first image below is a 19 shot stitched panorama of a chinook arch over the Alberta Foothills, the first interesting cloud I have seen around here since September 11…

Chinook arch over the Alberta Foothills - October 22, 2008
Autumn fields west of Red Deer, AB - October 17, 2008WRF temps and wind for Saturday Oct 25 12pmLast combine of the year, west of Innisfail,AB - October 22, 2008
Home weather station wind readings for Oct. 13-24, 2008

5 Responses to “October 24”

  1. 1
    Brandon Says:

    Fantastic panorama Pat, glad you posted it!

  2. 2
    PB Says:

    Thanks Brandon 🙂

  3. 3
    anthony L Says:

    you are right Pat…compared to the lack of weather in the last 5 or 6 weeks a chinook arch is something. Having said that growing up down there looking at chinook arhes while the wind is a steady 80-100km for days on end ( 4 years in Pincher and 12 in Lethbridge area) i don’t really miss the buggers. You think we get SE winds, and people in Airdrie think its so windy here, little do they know !!!Truth be told , thats why we left and came to Airdrie.

  4. 4
    anthony L Says:

    Hey Pat I mentioned on chat that Brett Anderson Accuweather blog entry of Oct 14 is very interesting talking about Canadas Annual Average snowfalls and mapped out.

  5. 5
    PB Says:

    hehe Anthony, yeah moving to Airdire to get out of the wind would make folks here scratch their head 🙂
    I checked out Brett’s post and see what you are referring to, but I can’t see how those charts are right.
    I had a peek at the historical weather site on EC, and it says the Atlas of Canada is wrong.

    Edmonton gets the most, then Red Deer, Calgary, and Lethbridge is desert.

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