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October 26

OK that’s enough wind for a while.
Saturday turned out to be one of the bigger blusters of the year around these parts, a steady push from the northwest with constant pulsing gusts of 60-80kmh, spiking to 100km/h and above. Not a nice day in the neigborhood. Today was better wind-wise, but darn chilly. A stiff south breeze kicked up this aft and combined with +2 temps to give below zero windchills all day.
We took advantage of the crummy day yesterday to go grab a lens we’ve been wanting for a while, before the dollar’s dumpola hikes the price again. Canon’s 100-400mm zoomer is a certainly a big chunk to hang off the front of a camera(1.4kg/3lb), but after taking it for a spin around the block today, it has turned out to be all we were hoping it would be. You can check out a sparrow’s eyelashes at 100 yards, which should come in handy for the critter shots.
No furry ones out in the wind today, only a hawk riding the currents and a conglomeration of waterfowl camped out on a freshly frozen lake, waiting for Tuesday.
A nice ridge is building in from the west, forecast to stoke our temps on Tuesday to 10x what they were today. 20C is going to feel like July after this weekend.

Waterfowl pit-stop north of Innisfail,AB - Oct.26, 2008Hawk surfs the south wind west of Innisfail,AB - Oct.26, 2008100-400mm lens mounted on XTiCanon 100-400mm, XTi w/kit lens, 75-300mm
Home weather station wind reading for Oct 25-27, 2008

2 Responses to “October 26”

  1. 1
    Brandon Says:

    Nice addition Pat! Did you find it new or used? I’ve been looking at the Sigma 18-200mm wide-telephoto lens and the new Canon 18-200mm lens. They both have optical stabilization, and the Sigma has some sort of a lens coating. Almost a $200.00 price difference between the 2. Do you know anything about them?

  2. 2
    PB Says:

    Hi Brandon.
    Picked it up new. I like the thought of having backup if something goes/was wrong with it.

    We tried a sigma 18-200 a while ago, it lasted about 5 minutes on the camera and went back in the box and back to the store.
    Pretty bad.
    Haven’t heard much better from the Canon, I had a quick look at that one before crossing it off the list. has a review on it.

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