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October 29

We didn’t quite make it to 20C, but close enough for me.
Yesterday was a fabulous day, another chinook arch stretched out across the Rockies, no wind, and a stunning sunset to end it. With the desert dry conditions and lack of wind, farmers seized the change to light off stubble and busted bales all over the place. The smoke and lingering dust were held close to the surface by a bit of a temperature inversion, filling the bowl of the city of Red Deer with brown soup.
Another nice one today, a bit of a south breeze, and another arch. The lee wave was still in position from yesterday, and by mid afternoon started to fill in. Shortly afterward it started to move east quickly, as a cold front pushed in from the northwest. I was hoping it could slow down a bit and wait for the sunset to light it up again, but some low clouds formed up between the sun and the wave cloud, mostly snuffing the show.
Quite the little huff as the cold front passed shortly after 10pm, a sudden spike in wind up to 70kmh and a drop of 7C in an hour. Back to calm already.
Other than a dismal day tomorrow, the 5 day forecast looks pretty average.

Chinook arch over the Rocky mountains - Oct.28/2008
Canada geese lining up for the trip south. West of Red Deer, AB - Oct.28, 2008Finishing up the fields west of Innisfail, AB - Oct.29, 2008Honeybees stocking up before freeze up - Oct.28, 2008Surreal sunset over western Alberta - Oct.28, 2008
Black capped Chickadee poses for a pic - Oct.29, 2008Lee wave cloud over western Alberta - Oct.29, 2008Lee wave cloud over western Alberta - Oct.29, 2008Canada Geese preparing for the flight south. Oct.28, 2008
Vivid red sunset over western Alberta - Oct.28, 2008

2 Responses to “October 29”

  1. 1
    Dann Cianca Says:

    Beautiful shots of the wave cloud, Pat. We should be seeing those pretty soon here in Denver, especially with the zonal flow. They can be a semi-permanent fixture here along the Front Range.

    PS: Are Canada Geese known simply as “geese” in Canada? 🙂

  2. 2
    PB Says:

    Hi Dan, thanks. It’s not as nice seeing the arch in Oct. as it is seeing it moving in when it’s -30, but I’ll take one anytime.
    I think most folks call em Canada geese here too, but good question hehe. The snow geese and white swans are what I’m waiting for to pass by soon.

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