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December 13

Yep, it’s cold!
Yesterday turned out to be just about as bad as predicted. Snow began early in the morning, the wind followed and the ditches of the QE2 began to fill with vehicles all the way from Leduc to Calgary. A flood of fender benders in Red Deer had people lined up out the door at the police station to report the carnage.
We picked up perhaps 10cm here but it’s hard to tell as most of it arrived with a stiff north breeze and is mostly in drift form now. A bit more to the south and west in a strip, 15-25cm along the foothills from Hinton to just north of Crowsnest and from Calgary to Medicine Hat.
The snow moved off last night and the cold has built in behind. Most of the day the windchills have been below -30, with many -40’s showing across the province. The wind has died off to nothing as I type this post, but the temperature continues to drop past -27C(-17F), the coldest it’s been since February 8.
Not much of an improvement in store for the next two days, but a shot of warmth from the north with a bit of snow for Tuesday/Wednesday could feel like spring, even if we don’t get above the freezing mark. I plan on doing some outside stuff after looking at what is coming behind it, more deep freeze all the way to Christmas!

AMA highway camera collection from 4pm Dec.12, 2008AMA highway camera collection from noon Dec.13, 2008
Alberta weather conditions at 4pm MST Dec.13, 2008Home weather station readings Dec.13, 2008
WRF surface temps for 11am MST Dec.13, 2008GFS forecast surface temps for 11am Dec.14-19, 2008

2 Responses to “December 13”

  1. 1
    anthony L Says:

    awesome coverage Pat???? How do you loop the GFS, that was great! Whatya see comin in for snow with this upper warm air shot the next short while.
    Predictions for RD CAL and LETh would be appreciated? Thats kinda nervy. The last guy the predicted 40 – 50 cm of snow and they got 6cm…..uggggghmmm that was me!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. 2
    PB Says:

    hiya Anthony
    I’m not a good guesser, I also expected a lot more in the sw corner last time, but I’ll say 5-10cm for us around Red Deer, 15-20 for Calgary and Lethbridge and 30 for Waterton by Friday morning.
    That should be sufficient wishful thinking to give us clear skies!

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