Alberta Foothills Weather

December 16

After 3 days in the deep freeze, today was at least tolerable.
Temperatures began to rise early in the morning as a low pushed down from the Arctic Ocean, folks on the north edge of Canada along the Mackenzie delta were above zero yesterday, while along our southern border they were dealing with -33C.
A few more flakes, maybe 3cm, and a huff of wind early this morning as the low pushed down and temps hit -9C, then only -20 windchills for most of the day!
Not exactly tropical, but people in the city sure seemed to be enjoying it, walking around with coats open and even a few smiles. Not really a lot of the latter as the roads were polished up pretty good from the morning skiff of snow and there were fender benders all over the place. It was also warm enough to dig out the shovel and bust some drifts out of the driveway before the next batch, which is underway as I type. The models are holding back on any real accumulations, suggesting 5cm here, but I am hoping for three feet of powder. As usual.
Pretty good upslope setup for the foothills on Thursday and a juicy system moving into Washington, might be interesting down south. Models are parking all the precip in Idaho.. but Waterton is so close.
After this little mess clears out Friday morning sometime, the deep cold returns for the weekend.. looks like another rude one and it does not stop there. Nasty cold forecast all the way to the 25th.
I sure hope this changes over the next few days, I’ve had plenty enough cold already.
Next snow goodies are not due till Christmas day when a big wet monster crashes into the west coast and the huge stack of arctic air stationed over western Canada. Maybe above zero for boxing day?
I’d like a giant dump of snow for Xmas, Santa.

Vivid red sunset over western Alberta - Dec.15, 2008
A view to the west - Dec.15, 2008Not much snow around Red Deer - Dec.16, 2008
County grader on drift patrol south of Sylvan Lake, AB - Dec.16, 2008Moose out enjoying the -10C weather west of Red Deer - Dec.16, 2008Snow drifted fence line south of Sylvan Lake,AB - Dec.16, 2008
Home weather station readings for Dec.12-16, 2008

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