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December 28

Nothing to complain about around here.
It looks like real winter, we have gained 5 or 6 cm of white stuff and have been out of the deeep freeze since the last post, with the last two days around the -4C mark. Maybe 10cm cover here now.
A few nice treats were supplied by Ma Nature over the holidays, a fantastic sun halo on Xmas eve, and a wicked freezing fog on boxing day morning that gave us our first good ice show of the season.
A nice lee tough formed up early yesterday morning so we headed west to have a look at the chinook arch and take part in some above freezing temps for the afternoon.
Loads of fresh snow in the foothills west of Sundre and more on the way this week, if we get lucky maybe 15cm around here by the weekend.
Lots of sledders out west… after hearing the sound of ripping snow and seeing all the tracks out there in the nice powder, it’s time to dig out the Cats!

Chinook arch over the Alberta Foothills - Dec.27, 2008
Sun halo with circumzenithal arc west of Red Deer, AB - Dec.24, 2008First frost show of winter 2008 - Dec.26, 2008Thick frost west of Red Deer, AB - Dec.26, 2008Sun halo west of Innisfail,AB - Dec.26, 2008
Frosty morning south of Sylvan Lake,AB - Dec.26, 2008Heading for the hills west of Sundre,AB - Dec.27, 2008Winter wonderland west of Bearberry,AB - Dec.27, 2008Fencepost hats made of snow in the Alberta foothills - Dec.27, 2008
Fencepost wearing a big floppy snow hat - Dec.27, 2008Fresh snow west of Bearberry,AB - Dec.27, 2008Horses and deer share a pasture west of Olds,AB - Dec.27, 2008Deer on the run - Dec.27, 2008
Sunset over the Red Deer river south of Markerville,AB - Dec.27, 2008

3 Responses to “December 28”

  1. 1
    anthony L Says:

    those are some real nice photos Pat. Hope ya had a great christmas. I found my camera after 6 weeks and am gonna try to get some pics, as we have a bundle of snow here. well over a foot.

  2. 2
    PB Says:

    Thanks Anthony
    I am so jealous of the snow you guys have down there… all we need is another 10cm or so to get out for a rip in across the fields.
    Soon I hope.

  3. 3
    PrairieChaser Says:

    Thank goodness the cold snap in gone! (for now). COuldn’t get the truck started for the life of me one of the days. Moving to Prince Albert on Saturday for a couple of months, guess I’ll find out what cold really is!. 4 months or so till thunderstorms!!!!

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