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28 Jan

January 28

It’s been rather difficult to try and find something to post about over the past week, quite boring around here. A little shot of real winter on the 23rd and 24th, down to -19/-27, then a few days of -12/-27 for the 25th and 26th, but it’s all mixing together into forgetableness as there was […]

21 Jan

January 20

More nice weather around here since the last post, and despite seeing summer temperatures to the north and south, we have still not been above the freezing mark here. The inversion that has been keeping the temps down here was obviously not present in Stavely, south of Calgary, they hit 20C(68F) yesterday and 15 today. […]

19 Jan

January 18

The snow is still here! We have been spared from the big melt-off. While temperatures soared and records fell around the province over the weekend, we did not make it above the freezing mark out here the whole time, still sitting on the edge of a temperature inversion over the foothills. Envirocan had us set […]

15 Jan

January 15

Variety is the spice of winter! We’ve had a full plate of goodies over the past three days. The 13th was clipper day, which turned out to be big-snow-eater day around here with temps up to 5C and a stiff north wind that deflated the snowbanks quickly over the afternoon and instantly turned the snow […]

12 Jan

January 11

Today certainly lived up to the clipper day it was forecast to be. It started off as a real nice morning, but around 11am the wind started to ramp up from the northwest and by 3pm was roaring up to 75km/h. I was surprised to see the amount of blowing snow around here with the […]

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