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January 31

Then snow dance is not working very well so far. It seems to bring wind instead… maybe I’m doing it backwards.
After watching a monster wave cloud build up yesterday over most of the province all day both on satellite and out the door, a clipper low formed up to the north and dropped a “cold front” southeast across most of the province. Thunderstorms at 5pm in Grande Prairie as it passed through there, freezing rain in Slave lake shortly after, then lightning, snow pellets and everything else from Whitecourt down through Edmonton and all the way to Wetaskiwin.
The big story was the wind that accompanied the trough as it sped past.
A wall of air hit here just before 11pm travelling at 80kmh, it sounded like an F-18 was making a low pass outside. Then came a cm of snow grains and a short whiteout but no lightning!. Got up this morning expecting some interesting wind blasted formations outside, but the only evidence of a bluster were snow strips stuck to the NW side of all the trees. Not enough snow around here for even a decent drift.
The next 10 days look utterly boring and warm.

Western Canada Infrared Sat image Jan30, 2009, 1930zWave cloud over southwestern Alberta - Jan.30, 2009 -1:30pmWater vapor image - Jan.30, 2009 -1930z/1:30pm
Navcan forecast for Jan.31, 2009 ,6z/11pmHome weather station wind readings for Jan.30/31, 2009Carvel radar @ 10:50pm, Jan.31, 2009
Kiteboarder takes advantage of the wind south of Red Deer,AB - Jan.31, 2009Crescent moon with Venus  - Jan.30, 2009January cumulus west of Red Deer,AB - Jan.31, 2009

2 Responses to “January 31”

  1. 1
    PrairieChaser Says:

    Wow never fails to amaze me. Ever time I leave our beautiful province I miss something good. This year the wind storm and last year the tornado in Airdrie. Thems are the breaks I guess. I haven’t seen thundersnow since I lived in Ontario
    4yrs ago!

    Another weatherless day here again in Prince Albert. Sunny and -8 C.

  2. 2
    Dann Cianca Says:

    Must have been nice to have some thunder nearby! We have good Canadian radar products at work and I didn’t even think to look up there.

    By the way, that wave cloud was epic.

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