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February 25

Winter is back!
The snow that was supposed to arrive Monday held off around here until yesterday, with around 5cm of powder falling through the day. That was supposed to be the end of it, but as I was getting ready to post a summary last night, it started up again and by sunrise there was another 5+cm of new powder.
Light snow and temps hanging around the -20C mark and chills pushing -30 made it a good day to be inside.
Checking out the AMA road cameras around the province, it looks like the whole south end got a good dump out of the system, heavy snowfall warnings were in effect out in the foothills for most of the two days, hopefully we can get out this weekend with the sleds and see if we can’t find the foot of new snow that was reported out there.
Things are looking good for the future in the precip department. Bring on a snowy March!

24 hour precip for Feb.24 & 25, 2009Fresh snow west of Red Deer - Feb.25, 200913cm of snow. Feb.25, 2009
AMA highway cameras Feb.24, 2009AMA highway cameras Feb.25, 2009

3 Responses to “February 25”

  1. 1
    anthony L Says:

    nice website with all those cameras hey?? A couple angles on a couple sites are misleading, I know Angle 1 at Airdrie can show ZERO for snow, but if you look out west you get a much better idea for snow quantities. But overall you can’t beat em. I noticed a really interesting map for “total snowfall to date” compared to mean averages. It shows the Edmonton and Red Deer areas are quite a bit below normal, whereas if you look from Cochrane to Chestemere and Calgary and Airdrie areas, it shows how much higher we are than normal (all that Dec snow had a big effect. Thought both of those were interesting points. Most importantly thanks to the snow gods and send us more…please… Take care guys

  2. 2
    anthony L Says:

    TAKE 2

    That interesting snow map I was referring to was on Brett Andersons Blog with Accuweather just in case you wanna look.

  3. 3
    Matt Johnson Says:

    Yeah we have more snow this year for sure in Calgary. It was nice to see the snow again and Monday looks as if it has some more for us!!!!
    I see a plus 10 on Sunday which will be nice too, I won’t lie!!

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