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05 Feb

February 5

Another day of crazy wavy rainbow sunset surprises…

05 Feb

February 4

Pretty darn nice around here for the beginning of February. Warm air continues to pour over the Rockies, pushing us to 7C today and setting off lots of mountain wave action. Yesterday a big arch formed up over the foothills and this afternoon a few wavy bits and some little lenticular stacks piled up just […]

01 Feb

February 1

Nice day around these parts, right at average for this time of year. -4C for a high and a break from the wind for the sunniest part of the afternoon. A perfect setup weather-wise for the annual ice races on Dodd’s lake in Innisfail. Almost non-stop racing from noon onwards and a good crowd turnout […]

01 Feb

January 31

Then snow dance is not working very well so far. It seems to bring wind instead… maybe I’m doing it backwards. After watching a monster wave cloud build up yesterday over most of the province all day both on satellite and out the door, a clipper low formed up to the north and dropped a […]

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