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30 Mar

March 29

Still waiting for spring to arrive around here. After a rather bland week of below average temps and wind, the next big system to hit the west coast took a similar but farther south track last night, leaving the southwest end of the province with a good pile of snow, but not making it this […]

22 Mar

March 22

Almost a foot! The snow started right at midnight here, after tracking up from the south starting around Claresholm somewhere, then right up the QE2. The heaviest of it seemed to fall to the west, between hwy22 and 2A, with 15-40cm between the trans-canada and here. We wound up with 25cm(10″) of fluffy stuff, mostly […]

21 Mar

March 20

Spring may have sprung early this morning, but winter is not over with just yet. The forecast models have been bouncing all over the place with precipitation amounts, types and locations over the past few days, but a stripe of heavier “stuff” persists from Calgary up the QE2 to Red Deer for Saturday night. EnviroCan […]

19 Mar

March 18

More of the same since the last post, a neverending lee trough along the foothills has kept us out of the precip from the Alberta elbow all the way down into Montana, but we haven’t seen the warmth here we usually do with a chinook, a large and cold high has been creeping past to […]

16 Mar

March 15

Nothing terribly exciting weather-wise around here since the last post. We have been sitting on the edge of a constantly regenerating lee trough along the foothills, thanks to the good ol’ Idaho High. Temperatures soared for the 12th and 13th over southern Alberta, the big melt was underway, the past two days have been foggy […]

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