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March 18

More of the same since the last post, a neverending lee trough along the foothills has kept us out of the precip from the Alberta elbow all the way down into Montana, but we haven’t seen the warmth here we usually do with a chinook, a large and cold high has been creeping past to the east, giving us a nippy E/ESE flow.
We have had fog every morning for the past few days, but not enough breeze to make it stick, until this morning. -8C, 97%RH, and a 10km/h sse breeze was the perfect combination to lay down a nice coat of rime on the south side of the neighborhood.
Another sharp lee trough is setting up as I type and it looks like this will continue till Saturday, when the ridge over southern BC/Idaho finally gets kicked out for a while by a low/trough moving across to the north of here. After that, all bets are off. Saturday night/Sunday we should get something, but what will it be and how much? The models are having a tough time with this mess, moving a good batch of precip all over the place over the past few runs.
Two days ago we were lined up for a 15+cm/mm upslope dump of something frozen/wet on Sunday along the QE2 corridor, by yesterday most the mess had been calculated off into Saskatchewan, and now the bulk of it is parked over Manitoba. Which model to believe? GEM says we get some, GFS says we don’t this morning, and now says we may get some after all. Will be interesting to watch how this pans out..

Frosted county road west of Red Deer, AB - Mar.18, 2009
Late winter rime show  - Mar.18, 2009Bald eagles west of Penhold,AB  - Mar.16, 2009Late winter rime show  - Mar.18, 2009
Rime chain  - Mar.18, 2009Frosty morning west of Red Deer,AB  - Mar.18, 2009Clothesline rime  - Mar.18, 2009

2 Responses to “March 18”

  1. 1
    Dann Cianca Says:

    Does the “Alberta elbow” refer to the Elbow River or some other place? Just curious.

  2. 2
    PB Says:

    The Alberta “elbow” is the spot near Grande Cache where the BC/Alta border leaves 120° and follows the Rockies down to the US border.

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