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March 29

Still waiting for spring to arrive around here.
After a rather bland week of below average temps and wind, the next big system to hit the west coast took a similar but farther south track last night, leaving the southwest end of the province with a good pile of snow, but not making it this far. Some nice totals in the foothills southwest of Calgary, major upslope flow pushed 40cm into the Longview/Black Diamond areas, and close to a foot in the southwest parts of Calgary. By noon, most of the major highways were already clear or wet.
More goodies on the way for Tuesday, it looks like a few cm for the Red Deer to Edmonton area, and perhaps another foot of the white stuff for the foothills west of here by the end of the week. Going to try and get out there for another blast on the cats before the season is over.
I was having a browse though the weather station numbers for March so far, thinking this has been an unusually cold month, and it sure has. Best temperature so far this March has been 8.9C on the 13th, while we had been past 15 a number of times and had already seen 20 by now in 2007 and 2008. On the cold side, the major dip we took in the second week this year was far colder than anything we have seen here in March since the station went up. Brrr I’m ready for some 20’s.
Another week until any real spring warmness shows on the forecast models.

Wavy afternoon over western Alberta - March 29, 2009
Sun halo - March 29, 2009Mountain waves over western Alberta - March 29, 2009Crescent moon - March 29, 2009
Red Deer and Medicine River confluence - March 29, 2009March 2007-2008-2009 temperature comparisonSpace shuttle Discovery leads the ISS across the western sky - March 25, 2009

4 Responses to “March 29”

  1. 1
    Matt Johnson Says:

    Looks like some spring weather is finally on it’s way for next week.

    Can’t wait!

  2. 2
    Brent Smith Says:

    Been patiently watching the forecasts for that ‘chance of thunderstorm’ icon…! We had some nice convection here in Red Deer yesterday afternoon but it was hard to tell if it was the lifting fog or actual cumulous clouds. Checked your archives and I sure hope this month is not a repeat of 2008..some of those pics look like January rather than April! It looks to be warming into the teens by mid-week so let’s hope the heat generates some activity!

  3. 3
    PB Says:

    I am ready for some rumblings too.
    Thursday/Friday next week maybe?
    I’m ready for anything but the doldrums of this week

  4. 4
    Matt Johnson Says:

    So…….. How’s the clear blue skies treating everyone?

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