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29 May

May 29

Gee it’s dry around here. Nothing measurable in the way of precipitation since the snow, and with plenty of wind to go around, things are getting parched. The leaves have mostly squeezed or scraped out of their dry husks after waiting in vain for a bath to wash off all the sticky dusty crud. The […]

18 May

May 18

It’s looking and feeling like December around here today. After hitting 23C mid day yesterday, a sharp cold front blew through late in the afternoon, sending the warm temps packing with a big blast of cold north wind. Our wet package of long weekend goodies arrived here early this morning and by daybreak there was […]

15 May

May 14

Just when we thought it was spring, it’s not quite yet.. This week has been another one to forget. Wind, more wind, and then some stiff breeze, a few spits of rain, snow, hail, rail, hain, whatever you can think of but warm. A road trip to Edmonton Tuesday evening had all the trimmings of […]

09 May

May 8

It’s getting pretty dry around here. The inch of rain we were lined up for has gone south, to the land of the snow a week ago, and we have had nothing more than a wetting here a few times, nothing measurable. Every day the thunder gods have been teasing us, brewing up little virga […]

06 May

May 5

We have our first rumble of thunder for the season on the books finally. After the passage of the first flow changing low, which gave us nothing but a bunch of wind, the next one in line sped across BC last night and was forming up on this side of the mountains by early this […]

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