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29 Jun

June 28

Still waiting for something interesting to brew up around here stormwise. Still no rain. Saturday was a beautiful day, with the southern half of Alberta under a sunny ridge. A perfect day for a drive down to Kananaskis country. We went in west of Okotoks and Turner Valley, out the Sheep River valley and back, […]

26 Jun

June 25

Alberta’s first tornado of the season may have dropped late this afternoon in Provost. Or maybe Hanna. Mostly squishy convection started early in the day over the foothills, much of it dying off before getting far out, but one cell riding the ridge south of Olds took off and kept going. I almost went after […]

24 Jun

June 23

Summer arrived as it should, with a few rumbles of thunder, but it still feels like spring – not warm. No rain worth measuring since the last post, and now it’s dry again. The grass is crunchy already, the duck ponds in the neighborhood are drying up, and the crops are in obvious need of […]

20 Jun

June 19

Lots to see today if you like big puffy clouds. Before noon the cauliflower towers started to sprout to the east of the QE2, and by early afternoon there were a few healthy cells brewing to the north. A invisible lee trough had set up overhead in the westerly flow sometime last night or this […]

19 Jun

June 18

Some more rain would be nice. Looking at the last 3 images below from the Drought Watch site, a lot of folks around the province are asking for the same. Only a few patches of good moisture in the whole land, and those got it all at once. The Red Deer Airport reported 45mm of […]

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