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27 Jul

July 26

Heatwave! Not here, but everywhere else. For the 23rd, 24th and 25th, daytime high temperatures had been holding right at or above the 30C mark over a good portion of the province, but we have yet to see 30 in our yard, just making it to 29, which is fine by me. Tomorrow will be […]

22 Jul

July 22

It’s been a while since the aurora borealis have put on a display like we had this morning. What was forecast to be a weak coronal hole wind stream, or a miss altogether, turned out to be quite strong. Wind speed did not get above 500km/sec but it was a thick stream that initially lit […]

19 Jul

July 19

Still waiting. Edmonton and surrounding area got the show yesterday, in a big way. After waiting all afternoon in 18C dewpoints around here for something to explode off the foothills, around 4pm the show began west of Drayton Valley with a good sized storm that rolled over Drayton and headed for Edmonton. EC was on […]

18 Jul

July 17

Still waiting for the big show. Or some sort of show. Warmer weather hasn’t been enough to get any monsters going around here, but Ma Nature has been threatening to do something. A few nice cells have brewed up to the north and south, but all the ingredients for a big long lived grimmy have […]

14 Jul

July 13

Long time no post! It’s been a busy week around here, we started holidays on Monday of last week, with plans to head out to Jasper for a tour, maybe out to Drumheller for a look, but things took a left turn immediately. Hours into the holiday, one of the nastiest computer viruses I have […]

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