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29 Aug

August 28

Not much happening around these parts since the last post, nice summery weather in general. A few days of mountain waves, a few good thunderstorms to the north, nothing here. Dry and sunny as far as the eye can see for the past two days, with a big high parked overhead and temps in the […]

23 Aug

August 22

After a very unexciting week weather-wise, some interesting goodies arrived Friday. The forecast setup was sufficient for severe storms from here north, but we were about 4C short on surface temperatures and convection was capped from Drayton south all afternoon. We were out west of here waiting for something to fire, watching a beautiful storm […]

12 Aug

August 11

It’s not very warm out, but that is not stopping anything. Reaching for but not quite making 20C, a few nice storm cells still managed to fire off the foothills northwest of Rocky today, the best one rolling in west of Rimbey. I met up with it north of Eckville where it was already gusting […]

10 Aug

August 9 – Hail track tour

A benign week around here, 22mm of rain and almost cold (10C) to start then gradually warming to a mild weekend. Not hot, not cold, just nice weather for touring. Touring we did. Most of the weekend was spent out looking at the incredible swath of damage from the August 3 early morning squall. We […]

04 Aug

August 3

It’s been a wild long weekend for southern Alberta. Two weather related deaths, a few million in hail damage, and a lot of new weather watchers watching the skies now. Saturday was the bad day around here, starting off warm and humid, and ending with a huge 200 mile wide windstorm stretching from Edmonton all […]

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