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August 22

After a very unexciting week weather-wise, some interesting goodies arrived Friday. The forecast setup was sufficient for severe storms from here north, but we were about 4C short on surface temperatures and convection was capped from Drayton south all afternoon. We were out west of here waiting for something to fire, watching a beautiful storm 60 miles north on the usual Drayton to Edmonton track that had a tornado warning and a nice hook echo for a while near Drayton Valley, but completely evaporated before it got to Edmonton.

Our turn came just as the sun was going down.
A cell out in the hills west of Sundre finally got going and rolled out towards Sylvan Lake, it didn’t look like much but we went for a look anyway, only to get a few miles north and turn back. The storm had developed a gust front that extended south past our place so we went home to see what the tail end might have for us. Good thing too, we got home just as a micro/downburst was beginning a few miles west, and the lightning was quickly ramping up. Ran in and unplugged everything and back out the door to the south, getting to the next intersection south before it hit. Complete whiteout of dimes and quarters in a stiff wind for a few minutes and it was all done, a good 3 inches of hail covering the road, 1/2 mile south and 1/3 mile north of there. We got mostly dimes here but are about a mile north of the core track.

Looking around in the light this morning there is not much damage here at all, a few holes in the bean leaves and some chewed up petunias, nothing like what they got a mile south. We went for a spin shortly after noon today to see what had transpired in the dark. Starting just south of Markerville there is about a mile wide swath of heavily damaged or totally destroyed crop all the way to just south of YQF/Springbrook, and some hail damage a mile either side of the core path. The worst of it seemed to be right where I was sitting last night, the damage seemed to taper off a bit as we went east.
Nothing flat, just stripped. Barley and wheat heads stripped clean of kernels, canola pods stripped off leaving only stems, another 10-20kmh of wind and it would have been a different story.

Last good storm of 08 was August 20, hoping for an extension this year.

Severe thunderstorm over Drayton Valley, AB - Aug 21, 2009Thunderstorm brewing north of Caroline, AB - Aug 21, 2009
Gust front moving in - Aug 21, 2009
Lightning crawls across the sky over Red Deer, AB - Aug 21, 2009Hail covers the road west of Penhold, AB - Aug 21, 2009Not as much hail at home - Aug 21, 2009
Hailed out barley field west of Penold,AB - Aug 22, 2009Hail damage west of Penhold,AB - Aug 22, 2009Pea salad west of Penhold,AB - Aug 22, 2009

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