Alberta Foothills Weather

August 28

Not much happening around these parts since the last post, nice summery weather in general. A few days of mountain waves, a few good thunderstorms to the north, nothing here. Dry and sunny as far as the eye can see for the past two days, with a big high parked overhead and temps in the low 20’s.

Today was a strange one, depending where you were in the province. Thick smoke from major forest fires in BC was carried in a westerly flow, piping along valleys and passes through the Rockies and blasting out into Alberta like a chimney. A heavy flow came through the Howse pass at Saskatchewan river crossing then followed the North Saskatchwan river valley to Lake Abraham and poured out over Nordegg where southerly flow caught it and steered it north. It didn’t make it this far south thankfully, from here it looked like a big fog bank sitting to the northwest all day.

More nice (boring) weather for the next few days, still hoping for one last kick at the cat next week before the snow flies.

Smoke from BC forest fires pours into Alberta -  August 28, 2009
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Standing wave cloud over southwestern Alberta - Aug 25, 2009

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