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13 Oct

October 12

Not much to like about this October so far. The past week has been pure crud. Stuck in the arctic pipeline between a big high out in the pacific and a mass of low pressure to the east working together to pump a steady flow of north wind straight from Santa’s doorstep, temps have been […]

05 Oct

October 4

No white stuff here this morning, but it wasn’t far away. The snow started on time Friday to the northwest and was confined to the very edge of the mountains until this morning, when most places south of about Bowden and west of the QE2 got into the flakes to varying degrees. Watching the AMA […]

02 Oct

October 1

Time for some winter weather already, in the hills anyway. After a cool and windy week, 100+kmh gusts on Monday and -5C for a low this morning, snow is starting in the Rockies already. A good setup for some white stuff to the west, easterly winds pushing up the hills and very cold air moving […]

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