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30 Nov

November 29 – Looks like Winter

Clippity-doo dah, clippity day. Our Chinook/Alberta clipper stretch continues, more waves, wind and warm for the most part, but it looks like Indian summer is over. Many arches have passed since the last post, numerous little lows spinning out of the hills dropping every type of precip in the book. We got enough grapuel to […]

18 Nov

November 18

If you don’t mind the wind, this is some pretty fantastic weather we are having. One after another, the big soggy lows keep pounding into BC, piling up the snow and rain, all moisture being scraped off in the mountains, leaving nothing but toasty warm air speeding off the hills for us. Monday a nice […]

16 Nov

November 15

Another fine week in the books, nothing very notable other than a nice standing wave way out at mountain’s edge Friday. Today was the day for wave watching. Last night a robust standing wave began to form along the foothills west of here and this morning we were out the door at daybreak heading south […]

10 Nov

November 9

Finally some wave goodies! It’s been about six weeks since we’ve had a good standing wave cloud form up, today there was one already parked over the foothills as the sun came up. A sharp lee trough stayed tight to the mountains all day but the wave got battered around a few times, melting away […]

09 Nov

November 8

A nice week around these parts for a change, November has been a keeper so far. Sunny, warm, windy in spots to the south, even a thunder or two to the north. Six of the eight days of November have been above average, with a 14.4C high on Nov. 5th, the warmest we’ve been since […]

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