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November 8

A nice week around these parts for a change, November has been a keeper so far.
Sunny, warm, windy in spots to the south, even a thunder or two to the north. Six of the eight days of November have been above average, with a 14.4C high on Nov. 5th, the warmest we’ve been since October 6th. A few days of stiff wind to the south but nice and calm here for the most part.

I’ve been waiting and watching all week for a nice standing wave to setup, but it hasn’t been able to come together yet, the best clouds of the week came Friday with a few strong willed little patches of convection that marched out of the hills and made it all the way to the QE2 and beyond. Brandon caught up with it as it was dropping a few bolts and rumbles around Rimbey, but it was only leaking virga by the time it got here just before sundown.

Hoping for some UFOs tomorrow as a sharp ridge over southern BC and a sharp lee trough over the foothills are forecast to set up in the afternoon, moisture is pouring into BC, all the ingredients are there for a nice wave or at least some stacks.

November convection west of Red Deer,AB - Nov. 6, 2009
November convection west of Red Deer,AB - Nov. 6, 2009Navcan and WRF lenticular forecast for Nov.9, 2009American three toed woodpecker

2 Responses to “November 8”

  1. 1
    Brandon Says:

    Nice catch with the woodpecker! Was he hanging out in your backyard? We had a Northern Flicker hanging out in our backyard for awile, but he didn’t like to get his photo taken, haha! Here’s hoping for a wave or discs today…

  2. 2
    Pat Boomer Says:

    Thank Brandon he has been hanging around the yard for a month or so but is very shy. Not a lot of wildlife around right now for some reason.

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