Alberta Foothills Weather

November 9

Finally some wave goodies!
It’s been about six weeks since we’ve had a good standing wave cloud form up, today there was one already parked over the foothills as the sun came up. A sharp lee trough stayed tight to the mountains all day but the wave got battered around a few times, melting away and thickening up a few times, then splitting into two. One wave crest stayed out around Nordegg but the other was hanging right overhead when the sun went down, and for about 10 minutes as the sun squeezed out the clear strip between the western wave and the mountains, it lit up a huge stack of altocumlus lenticularis to the north in the best display of the year so far. Ma Nature can send that stuff anytime, I never get tired of lennies.

Altocumulus Lenticularis over western Alberta - Nov.9, 2009
Iridescent clouds hiding close to the sun - Nov.9, 2009Gravity waves above mountain waves - west of Red Deer, AB - Nov.9, 2009Iridescent clouds hiding close to the sun - Nov.9, 2009

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