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November 15

Another fine week in the books, nothing very notable other than a nice standing wave way out at mountain’s edge Friday. Today was the day for wave watching.

Last night a robust standing wave began to form along the foothills west of here and this morning we were out the door at daybreak heading south to see what would stack up down there. The arch was already thickening up and had pushed east off the hills, sitting between the QE2 and #22, and by the time we got to Cochrane it was starting to really get going. We trolled around the Bragg Creek to Okotoks area looking for single lennies but had no luck. When the sun finally got past the high cirrus and started to light the west face of the wave, things really started to pop out, then we finally spied a few UFOs as we were on our way out of Okotoks heading home.
Stretched all the way from here to Great Falls, the wave lit up at sunset in colors that make you rub your eyes, almost hard to look at there is so much to see. Add in a wild batch of iridescence and some anticrepuscular rays, it makes for a full day.

And more on the way.

Standing wave cloud over Big Rock (Okotoks Erratic) - Nov.15, 2009
Altocumulus lenticularis south of Black Diamond,AB - Nov.15, 2009Elbow Falls west of Bragg Creek, AB - Nov.15, 2009Altocumulus lenticularis south of Okotoks,AB - Nov.15, 2009
Wave cloud induced iridescence - Nov.15, 2009Anticrepuscular rays - Nov.15, 2009Blazing wave cloud sunset - Nov.15, 2009
Altocumulus lenticularis light up at sunset - Nov.15, 2009Mountain wave sunset over southwestern Alberta - Nov.15, 2009

One Response to “November 15”

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    Dann Cianca Says:

    Nice work, Boomer! It is wave season, after all. I’ve been remiss in my sunset/sunrise photography.

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