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November 18

If you don’t mind the wind, this is some pretty fantastic weather we are having.
One after another, the big soggy lows keep pounding into BC, piling up the snow and rain, all moisture being scraped off in the mountains, leaving nothing but toasty warm air speeding off the hills for us.
Monday a nice chinook arch formed up and we made 14C here in 40km/h winds, then got another wicked sunset out of the deal.
Tuesday was another 14C day here but with an amazing stacked jet stream flying past overhead, 140kts(260kmh)@250mb down to 70kt@700mb, we got a 70kmh wind out of it and that was all.
To the south, winds were in the 100km/h zone, blowing a number of semis off the highway around Nanton and causing all sorts of trouble around Calgary blowing power poles down.(Link)
It was a different story in Jasper where they got buried in 50cm of fresh fluffy.
“”Marmot president Dave Gibson said he’s “never, ever seen anything like this in all my days in the ski industry.” And he’s been in the industry for decades.” (Link)

I’m almost ready for some snow. Almost
More waves first! More +10s in the forecast which is fine with me. Normals for this week are -1/-11.

Unofficial Alberta record high temperatures - Nov.16-17, 2009
Altocumulus lenticularis over southern Alberta - Nov.16, 2009Sunset reveals the structure under a standing wave cloud over southwestern Alberta - Nov.16, 2009Flaming wave sunset over southwestern Alberta - Nov.16, 2009

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