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November 29 – Looks like Winter

Clippity-doo dah, clippity day.
Our Chinook/Alberta clipper stretch continues, more waves, wind and warm for the most part, but it looks like Indian summer is over.
Many arches have passed since the last post, numerous little lows spinning out of the hills dropping every type of precip in the book. We got enough grapuel to whiten up the dusty grass for a few hours last weekend when a little clipper formed up overhead, but nothing serious had happened around here until Friday.

Friday started off with another clipper just to the west that began with freezing rain to the north, then a good blast of heavy snow from about the Rimbey area off to the southeast, parking overhead for an hour, just catching Red Deer but really doing a number on the highways to the south. Carnage on the QE2 closed the highway down in both directions late Friday afternoon between Carstairs and Didsbury, and even though highways to the southeast around Brooks looked gruesome at best, I didn’t hear of any other major problems. Roads in the area were still warm enough to instantly turn the heavy snow into frozen snot, I went for a cruise around Red Deer yesterday and every sidestreet was a curling rink.

We got a good 5-7cm out of the deal, then the fog rolled in, covering everything facing west with a thick coat of rime. We didn’t make it above the freezing mark yesterday, and another shot of fog last night added some spiky rime to the feathers left over. It’s a nice change from brown!
Another warm push from the west today brought the temps up nicely around most of the province that isn’t covered in white. Most brown places were in the 10C range today while we struggled to make 3C in the sun this afternoon. Any temperature above freezing was good enough to turn the iced up roads into thick steering wheel grabbing slush trails, I hope they gets a chance to clear off a bit more before real winter gets here.

Our nice southwest flow appears to be coming to an end, if the GFS has a clue, which it does not seem to have anymore past 12 hours. It has been comical but also sad to watch the model runs and forecasts of late. Nothing is working, that much is clear. If the GooFuS is right, northwest flow begins with December and the first week looks chilly, the second week looks worse, the silly thing is throwing -35 temps around which just will not do. It does start to look a bit whacky after about day 7 but could be whacked at day 3 just as easy. It’s been much better to just look out the window for a forecast this week.
Another clipper is forecast to zip past tomorrow but not expecting to see much from it other than some wind and chillage, the nasty one is due Friday. We shall see.

Late November cumulus fallaparticus - Nov.21, 2009Iridescent clouds - Nov.26, 2009Iridescent clouds - Nov.26, 2009, 2009Late November convection near Rocky Mountain House,AB - Nov.21, 2009
Waves fill the sky as a clipper low forms overhead - Nov.26, 2009
Gone south for the winter - Nov.27, 2009Frosted wheat -  Nov.29, 2009Looks like winter around here - Nov.28, 2009Weeping birch glistening with fresh morning rime - Nov.28, 2009 2009
Morning frost forest - Nov.28, 2009 2009

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    Dann Cianca Says:

    With that convection, I can see why you got some grauple! Also, love the iridescence.

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