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28 Dec

December 28 – Foggy days

Stuck in a temperature inversion, the fog hasn’t really lifted since the last post. Quite warm a few hundred feet up but staying below -10 at the surface, a little bit of mixing and a whiff of wind has given us two more amazing rime shows around here. The softest of rime, it looks like […]

26 Dec

December 25 – ChristmasRime

Hope Santa was as good to everybody as he was to us last night. This was waiting for us when we got up this morning. Not sure if it was reindeer exhaust or just good old fog, but it sure stuck to everything and made for a picture perfect Xmas day.

21 Dec

December 20 – Hello Winter

I’ve been wanting to get a post going all week, but it’s been too nice out to be in and with x-mas quickly approaching, the rush seems to be on. A nice week around here, but not as warm as our neighbors to the south. We didn’t make it above the freezing mark this week […]

14 Dec

December 13, 5am, Edmonton Intl. – Coldest place on Earth

Coldest place with a weather station anyway. Blowing away the old record by more than 10C, the weather station at YEG near Leduc hit -46.1C(-51F) at 5 this morning, with a windchill of -59C(-74F). This is also the coldest it has been anywhere in the world for the past 3 days. The PASPC had this […]

12 Dec

December 11 – How low can we go

I hope there is lots of natural gas left in the pipes and lots of coal stacked up beside the power plants for the next few days. Our system is about to be pushed to the limit. It’s certainly been a wintry week around here. We started off with a few record breaking cold days […]

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