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December 11 – How low can we go

I hope there is lots of natural gas left in the pipes and lots of coal stacked up beside the power plants for the next few days. Our system is about to be pushed to the limit.

It’s certainly been a wintry week around here. We started off with a few record breaking cold days but got a bit of a break for the last few, hanging around -13C. The snow keeps piling up, nothing heavy just an almost constant light powder falling, keeping the shovel moving daily. Scraped off about 4 inches yesterday and another 2 today which would put us at about 15cm for the week and its still coming down. The daily doses of snow have been just enough to keep most roads in horrid shape, cruising the city is a test. Thankfully, the majority seem to have a good “grip” on the conditions and everyone is crawling around keeping their distance. Brigitte headed up the QE2 this morning and saw a 6 car ditch party around Lacome after last nights dusting polished things up but says roads are much better once you get north of #16 east.
Almost enough fluff out in the field to get the sleds out for a snort if it wasn’t so bitey on the cheeks.

Bitey is not the word for what is on the way for the next 3 days, it is going to be dangerous.
The GFS, WRF and GEM are not in complete agreement about how far down we go or even where the coldest of the cold will be, but all agree that tomorrow night and Sunday are going to be ridiculously cold around Edmonton. Windchill warnings are out for most of northern and central Alberta already, stopping just north of Red Deer.
Monday looks disgusting around here at this point and Tuesday morning could be a stopper if the GEM is right. Many people have the chance to see -40 or better temps without the windchill. Hoping for and extra push of warm from the west to keep that stuff east, but that is only wishful thinking.
As I type the -40s are still way up north but Fort Mac is reporting -38C with a chill of -51. Not looking forward to that! Only -17C at the moment but the wind is picking up giving -27 chills.

There is reason to smile though. A lovely warm bomb is forecast to shove the cold out late Tuesday and give us a week of shorts weather.

WRF model forecast temps for 5amMST Monday Dec.14, 2009GFS model forecast temps for 5amMST Monday Dec.14, 2009

2 Responses to “December 11 – How low can we go”

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    red Says:

    I’ve been looking for a really good Central Alberta blog. I’ve found one. I will start following you today.Keep up the good work. Great photography and writing. I’ve spent lots of time in the west country so enjoy your pictures.

  2. 2
    PB Says:

    Hi Red, thanks 🙂

    Been trying to talk myself into going out for a few shots this morning but can’t gather the courage just yet. Brrr!

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