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December 25 – ChristmasRime

Hope Santa was as good to everybody as he was to us last night.
This was waiting for us when we got up this morning. Not sure if it was reindeer exhaust or just good old fog, but it sure stuck to everything and made for a picture perfect Xmas day.

Thick rime and a crescent moon - Dec.25, 2009Favorite rime tree - Dec.25, 2009Heavy coat of frozen fog - Dec.25, 2009
Freezing fog was here - Dec.25, 2009Thick rime covers trees west of Red Deer,AB - Dec.25, 2009Country road lined with rime trees - Dec.25, 2009
Thick rime coats branches - Dec.25, 2009Sparkle rime - Dec.25, 2009Rocky Mountain Mirage - Dec.25, 2009

2 Responses to “December 25 – ChristmasRime”

  1. 1
    red Says:

    What can I say these are all fantastic shots. All the same thing but each shot different. Really like the mirage!
    Hope you had a great Christmas

  2. 2
    PB Says:

    Thanks Red 🙂

    Another impressive fog show this morning!
    Breeze is busy removing it now.

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