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December 28 – Foggy days

Stuck in a temperature inversion, the fog hasn’t really lifted since the last post. Quite warm a few hundred feet up but staying below -10 at the surface, a little bit of mixing and a whiff of wind has given us two more amazing rime shows around here. The softest of rime, it looks like goose feathers and leaps off the trees with the slightest breath of wind, only to be replaced the next night.
Today was the foggiest, from midnight to noon visibility was reduced to no more than a few hundred feet, lifting a bit late this afternoon before socking in again before dark.
Not very nice driving in it, but it sure does lovely things to the landscape.

Morning sundog in the fog - Dec.27, 2009Rays of sun poke through a rime coated tree - Dec.27, 2009Sundog over rime encrusted bush - Dec.27, 2009
Sundog over rime encrusted trees - Dec.27, 2009Rime feathers hang from a branch - Dec.27, 2009Frozen fog wonderland southwest of Red Deer,AB - Dec.27, 2009
Frozen fog falls from a rime tree - Dec.28, 2009Rime covered truck antenna - Dec.28, 2009Freezing fog construction zone southwest of Red Deer,AB - Dec.28, 2009

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