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January 12 – Toasty warm

Time flies when it’s nice out! It’s hard to believe its the 12th already, this month is zooming past.

The first week of the year was forgettable, cold and windy, a few dribbles of snow and another New Year fireworks show blown off due to the cold.

Week two has been a complete turnaround.
An endless flow of warm wet bombs have been pouring into the southern BC coast since Thursday, all the moisture has been scraped off in BC leaving only the heat for us.
10C and above for a lot of southern Alberta from Calgary down, hovering around +2 to +4 here.
The snow has taken a big hit over the past 4 days, dropping by 50% around here where it’s white, by the end of the week it will likely be unsleddable in the fields.

There isn’t much snow left out in the field around here anyway, we chewed it up pretty good over the weekend, getting out in the springlike weather as much as possible. Today’s high of +5 had me out walking around with the hounds for most of the afternoon. Hard to complain about weather like this, other than the loss of sled time, it’s going to take a good dump to get them out of the garage again but that is nowhere in sight. Winter in general is still nowhere in sight, no cold, no snow on the menu for the next 10 days.
If it keeps up, January might turn out to be a nicer month than October was.

Iridescent clouds - Jan. 12, 2010Iridescent clouds - Jan. 12, 2010Iridescent clouds - Jan. 11, 2010
Snowdunes - Jan. 3, 2010January tractor tracks - Jan. 11, 2010Snowdunes - Jan. 3, 2010
Snowdunes - Jan. 3, 2010Mountain waves over the Alberta foothills - Jan. 3, 2010Snowdrifts and shadows - Jan. 3, 2010

4 Responses to “January 12 – Toasty warm”

  1. 1
    PB Says:

    We dropped below 0 this morning from 8-11am, for the first time since Sunday morning. Amazing for January!

  2. 2
    Wren Says:

    Nice blog. Montreal weather has been pretty mild for the last couple of days…totally the opposite of what we usually get in January. Everyone seems to be out and about, and enjoying it.

  3. 3
    Matt Johnson Says:

    Hey everyone! Still alive and kicking!
    Beautiful pics as usual Pat!!

    I’ll be out of comission till the ground thaws and we can get internet (and phone and TV!!!!!!!) to our new home in Sylvan Lake.

    Just wanted to say hi to everyone!!!! See you guys sometime in the spring!!!!!

  4. 4
    PB Says:

    Thanks Wren, been a lot of outdoor time around here, January has been much nicer than it should be for sure! Hope we don’t have to pay too much for it.

    Hey Matt good to hear you are still around, thought maybe you moved to Australia or something 🙂

    Mike that next spot coming around is a beaut!

    Very nice rime show going on outdoors right now, everything facing east is covered in spikes. Wish the phogg would push off and bring on some contrast!

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