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22 Feb

February 21 – A month to go

This winter is flying past without any real winter since it started, and none on the horizon. Time flies when you are having fun I guess, there seemed to be very little separation between last weekend and this one. A few mentionables since the previous post: Howling wind for the best part of last weekend […]

12 Feb

February 12 – M8 solar flare

The biggest flare since June 12, 2007 blasted out of AR1046 this morning, unleashing a large CME that looks to be on it’s way to us. A smaller C8 flare a few hours before also spewed a CME in our general direction, but that may have been cannibalized by the large one behind it. Somewhere […]

11 Feb

February 10 – Easy winter

After a few more foggy days, we have finally been rescued from the gloom by the return of the warm westerly flow. The clearoff started Tuesday morning, giving yet another eye watering show of whiteness. Beautiful blue skies and just below zero for the past two days, back to nice. With the westerly flow continuing […]

06 Feb

February 5 – It’s foggin’ crazy around here

If it wasn’t for the fog, it would be a pretty boring winter. It’s been quite drab since the last post, a few flakes of snow but not enough to get the shovel out, average temperatures for this time of year, mostly just blah. The train of lows keeps rolling in to the west coast, […]

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