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31 Mar

March 31 – Lamb in, Lamb out

Time flies when you are waiting for something to happen. We’ve been waiting since the last post for some wild and crazy weather type stuff around here, and not that it hasn’t tried to do something interesting, it’s been coming up just short. We have had enough snow to make roads snotty for a few […]

22 Mar

March 22- More spring mix

A full basket of weather to kick off spring 2010. The weekend was nice and boring, warm and mostly sunny around here. Warmer to the south and snowing to the north, finally our sleepy string of weather is getting interesting. The north push has begun and the cold air is settling down into the prairies, […]

17 Mar

March 17 – Spring mix

A bit more active weather since the last post, stout southwesterly flow gave us a windy weekend followed by two days of wavy treats. After staying indoors out of the wind for most of the weekend, Tuesday was a day for wave watching with a huge lee wave stretching along the foothills from Edson to […]

11 Mar

March 10 – Only fog

Not a flake to be seen around here from our Monday/Tuesday system, but we did get a nice rime show this morning to make up for it. Stuck from the west side again, it didn’t stand a chance against the power of March 10 sunlight even at -10C this morning, and was all gone well […]

08 Mar

March 7 – Badlands tour

Another fantastic week in the books. Nice and warm, dry and benign. Another 5 of 7 foggy mornings this week with varying degrees of frost, but nothing epic. The snow here has taken a big hit over the week, and although we still have cover here, it’s getting thin. We decided to go for a […]

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