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March 7 – Badlands tour

Another fantastic week in the books. Nice and warm, dry and benign. Another 5 of 7 foggy mornings this week with varying degrees of frost, but nothing epic. The snow here has taken a big hit over the week, and although we still have cover here, it’s getting thin.
We decided to go for a roll south somewhere this morning to see what we could see, and wound up around Drumheller toodling around the hoodoos in +14C temps under steel blue skies. Not much snow south of Innisfail or east of the QE2 other than leftover drifts and no complete cover south of here.
This was supposed to change over the next few days, with threats of a cold shot and snow somewhere around here starting tomorrow night. I’m not expecting to see much here other than some wind, but a foot would be nice! Depending on which model you look at, we could get 15cm or bupkis. Hopefully the foothills will get some fresh stuff and stretch out the sled season a bit.
If we do get any fluff it won’t last long as we are set to return to melting temperatures by Wednesday.
Still nothing apocalyptic showing on the long range, but we will need to pay for this nice winter at some point. As long as it’s not in August!

Aurora borealis - March 6, 2010Headlight fogbow - March 2, 2010Waterfowl meeting at Dickson dam - March 6, 2010
Alberta badlands Hoo Doos - March 7, 2010Alberta badlands south of Drumheller - March 7, 2010Alberta badlands Hoo Doos - March 7, 2010

4 Responses to “March 7 – Badlands tour”

  1. 1
    Dann Cianca Says:

    Beautiful shots, Boomer! Looking forward to spring!

  2. 2
    Brandon Says:

    Nice pictures Pat. The last 2 times I was at the Hoodoo’s there were people all over the place and I could not get a decent photo! I’d like to get down that way and check out the ghost town of Dorothy and the abandoned mines as well. What time was your Aurora photo? Definitely a nice catch there.

  3. 3
    Pat Boomer Says:

    Thanks Dann, Brandon
    The aurora shot was around 11:30.
    There were quite a few people milling around the hoodoos but the herd seems to stay around the area right close to the parking, leaving a lot of nice stuff empty. Most of the photos of the more popular areas were clicked just as people walked behind the hoodoos.
    Must be nutso trying to get a clean shot around there in the summertime.


  4. 4
    florian (fitness model) Says:

    this photo is … COOL,! 😀 lol thanks

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