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March 10 – Only fog

Not a flake to be seen around here from our Monday/Tuesday system, but we did get a nice rime show this morning to make up for it. Stuck from the west side again, it didn’t stand a chance against the power of March 10 sunlight even at -10C this morning, and was all gone well before it could be fully lit for photos. Today makes for 29 frost photo days so far this season, with nearly that many days where either the light was too poor, it was still too foggy, or just not something worth shooting.

That was possibly our last run at some snow this winter, but the cold might not be done with just yet. The long range is showing an enemy high setting up off the BC coast in a week, which would help to feed whatever Siberian air lurks in the Arctic down this way. Hopefully it will evaporate and the warm westerly flow can continue.

Rimed poplar tree - March 10, 2010Frosted March morning southwest of Red Deer, Alberta - March 10, 2010Frosted grass - March 10, 2010
Rimed spruce tree - March 10, 2010Frosted shrubbery - March 10, 2010Frozen fog coated trees - March 10, 2010Frosty late winter scene west of Penhold,AB - March 10, 2010

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