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March 22- More spring mix

A full basket of weather to kick off spring 2010.
The weekend was nice and boring, warm and mostly sunny around here. Warmer to the south and snowing to the north, finally our sleepy string of weather is getting interesting. The north push has begun and the cold air is settling down into the prairies, but there is still enough push from the west to keep the real cold to the east of here. Battle lines are setting up down the middle of the province, and the fight is on to see if the warm west or cold north push will win. The line was along #16 today bringing heavy snow squalls to Edmonton and even a few flakes here. The cold/warm line is more north/south now and there are flurries happening all along the QE2, the deck is white but less than a cm has fallen here.

Last night’s and this morning’s run of the GEM model had the cold and warm pushing back and forth across the area and nothing big to move it either way, flurries here and there, then a large low crashing the BC coast Thursday and running into the cold over Alberta on Friday. It was looking like somebody around here was going to get a foot of white stuff on Friday, but it has now backed way off on the amounts. This will be an interesting system to watch.

The numbers for winter 09/10 are in.
2006-2007 winter avg temp -5.36C
2007-2008 winter avg temp -6.09C
2008-2009 winter avg temp -11.36C
2009-2010 winter avg temp -7.47C
Averaged from 5 minute readings from our home weather station.

Very average and quite boring but nothing to complain about, all the snow came in December, then we never warmed up enough to melt it until last week. Fewer wind events, dry roads, and after 5 nights of -30C or worse in December before the 20th, not once during the winter did we get below -30C. Not a night below -20 for February! Add in the nice sledding conditions and freezing fog events, this was one of my favorite winters in memory.
April blizzards are just around the corner…

Red Deer river flows into Gleniffer Lake - March 20, 2010Pussywillows begin to pop - March 21, 2010Sun halo - March 21, 2010
Flocks of returning geese fill the sky - March 20, 2010Goose couple along the banks of the Red Deer river - March  20, 2010Flock of geese make an ice landing at Dickson Dam - March 20, 2010
Home weather station readings Winter 2009-2010

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