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March 31 – Lamb in, Lamb out

Time flies when you are waiting for something to happen.
We’ve been waiting since the last post for some wild and crazy weather type stuff around here, and not that it hasn’t tried to do something interesting, it’s been coming up just short. We have had enough snow to make roads snotty for a few hours on the 23rd, but not enough to take a photo of, we had fantastic waves over the foothills last week, but so tight to the mountains there is no way to see them. We saw 18C last weekend and a nice chinook arch, but it got blown away early and wrecked a nice road trip.
Very dry and sitting in a tough of low pressure since Sunday night, weak little cumulo-puffs have been sprouting along the foothills daily and moving out to about the QE2 before dying off. Not much to them, but the first rumbles of spring are now in the books, with a good number of Albertans getting a taste of thunder over the past 3 days and even a few lightning sightings. We have had our first sprinkle of rain and even some itty bitty hail, but really nothing to see other than some nice virga shows at sunset.
Big sloppy lows continue to pile into the BC coast, more headaches for the forecasters coming right up. The forecast models are struggling to calculate anything accurate past 12 hours and it’s back to looking out the window. Last time I looked at the long range, they were suggesting a few flakes as the next low crashes in Saturday night, then a foot or better of snow in the foothills mid next week.
Some rain would be nice.

Virga Sunset from west of Red Deer,AB - March 29, 2010Virga Sunset from west of Red Deer,AB - March 29, 2010Gathering around the bee barrel - March 28, 2010
March convection over southwestern Alberta - March 31, 2010Lee Wave cloud looms over Dickson Dam - March 28, 2010March cumulus puffs and the last of bits of snow - March 31, 2010
Swan squadron south of Sylvan Lake,AB - March 26, 2010Lee Wave cloud and the Little Red Deer River west of Bowden,AB - March 28, 2010Weak March convection - March 30, 2010

2 Responses to “March 31 – Lamb in, Lamb out”

  1. 1
    Dann Cianca Says:

    Beautiful pictures as always!

  2. 2
    Matt Johnson Says:

    Hey everyone!! Still no internet until the ground thaws but i wanted to share that we got our first thunderstorm of the season on Monday! Lightning and all!!!! Half a dozen lightning flashes (all CC) and a dozen rumbles of thunder! Got some video and will post when possible. Thunderstorm was just south of HWY 11 from Red Deer to Rocky Mountain House at Sylvan Lake!! I was so excited!!!
    Miss your site Pat!!! Can`t wait for the internet again!!!!!!

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