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30 May

May 30 – White again

It’s not so dry around here anymore. Most southern Albertans have likely had about enough of the wet stuff for a while, taking up to another 100mm down in the Lethbridge-Medicine Hat zone through Thursday and Friday. Snow started Thursday down south, moved into Calgary Friday and came up here for a visit Saturday, it’s […]

27 May

May 26 – Bring on June already

I’m ready for some heat. Not the 53C they got in Pakistan today, but 23 would be nice. It’s been cool and breezy here since the last post, frost warnings most mornings but no frost here, yet. The long weekend sounded like a fizzle for most, starting off with snow to the northwest Friday and […]

21 May

May 20 – Green week

This will be one of my favorite weeks of 2010, it’s been the essence of spring. Starting off with out toastiest temperatures of the year, 28C in the yard but up to 31 to the north. Then a nice thundershower Tuesday night. First supercells of the season yesterday. More thunder and a nice rain today. […]

13 May

May 13 – Spring back

Stuck in the doldrums since the last post, we are finally starting to warm back up to spring temperatures. 16C yesterday and 18 today are the warmest we have seen since the 3rd week of April, and with some nice sunny skies, the greenup that has been on hold for two weeks is back in […]

06 May

May 5 – More white than green

Rather wintry around these parts for the past few days. A low pressure system crossed the mountains Monday, deepened rapidly, and has been dealing out somewhat interesting weather for most of southern Alberta since. Wind and winter storm warnings have been out for most of the south since Monday, the mets got to chase the […]

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