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June 11 – First funnel of the season

That didn’t take long.
Soon after the sun began to burn off the puddles this morning, the sky began to fill with cumulopuffs, so I went out for a spin to check out the Medicine River and Dickson Dam and enjoy the sky show. No water problems other than soggy crops, but the clouds offered something to see.
Nothing got big enough to show on radar, but one little “cell” blew up enough to spit out a funnel cloud west of Penhold that lasted for about 5 minutes.
Should be some more goodies around this weekend, somewhere.
Preferred analysis mode: lawn chair pointed west and a cold beer in hand.

Funnel cloud west of Penhold,AB - June 11, 2010Funnel cloud west of Penhold,AB - June 11, 2010
Rain soaked cropland near Benalto,AB - June 11, 2010Muskrat surfs a flowing ditch near Markerville,AB - June 11, 2010Soaked field near Markerville,AB - June 11, 2010

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