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June 25 – Catching up

Lots to do and not a lot to see around here since the last post. Where to start.
Floods in the south have been the main story for Alberta, the Medicine Hat area will take a while to recover from the massive deluge down there that washed out the Trans-Can highway.
There have been some nice storms to the northwest over the past week, mostly hiding in the bush west of Drayton Valley as usual. A few nice ones to the south, a few funnels here and there, but nothing serious, yet. Yesterday afternoon the first Big storms of the season brewed up in the Lloyd area, lots of hail damage around Vegreville/Vermillion.
We have been sitting in the dead spot, only managing 10mm of rain since the last post, half of it in a 10 minute downpour from a little thunderspot that passed over.
Next week summer storm season begins for real. The storm track that has been pounding the northern US and southern Canada is going to make it’s first solid appearance as next week starts. Strong flow aloft, lots of moisture laying around and summer temps should combine to deliver some nasties somewhere around here. A good week to keep eyes to the sky.

A group of nearly 60 attended the CANWARN presentation at Red Deer County Centre last night. Bill McMurtry, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist for Environment Canada spoke for more than an hour on a wide range of topics, from what to do in a weather emergency, how to report severe weather to EC, and what to report. Got to meet up with Brad from Calgary, Mike and Ryan from Edmonton, good show!

Got one eye on the radar as I type, waiting to see where this afternoon’s show will begin.

Thunderstorm and pumpjack west of Bowden,AB - June 23, 2010Bill McMurtry of Environment Canada talks about severe weather at Red Deer County Centre - June 24, 2010Thunderstorm west of Olds,AB - June 23, 2010
Family of horses enjoying their lush pasture near Dickson,AB - June 23, 2010Swimming lessons at Dickson Dam - June 20, 2010Swarm of bees clings to a bush for the night - June 21, 2010So this fox strolls up to a cow and says.... - June 19, 2010
Still some snow left in the Rocky Mountains west of Sundre,AB - June 13, 2010Cumulopuffs over Stauffer Creek - June 19, 2010Cumulus reflectus - June 21, 2010Stefansson House near Markerville,AB- June 13, 2010

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