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June 30 – Near Severe

Some better action in the neighborhood the past two days.
All eyes were on the 500mb jet blasting overhead yesterday, waiting to see where the first knuckles would spring up. Almost before there was a chance to pick a spot the foothills lit up, so I headed out to Spruceview to meet Brandon for a frosty beverage. A few miles west for a look at a real nice pair of cells near Rocky and away we went to the northwest, picking them up just north of Rocky as the lead cell dropped a nice wall cloud. Just as it got going it blew itself apart so we took off north to see if it would recycle, which it did. Just west of Rimbey the lead cell lost the weak wall it was trying to build and started to flare out, but the cell behind it picked up and started to spin. That didn’t last more than a few minutes before it also started to gust out and the show was over for me. 30 seconds after bailing south, the nice southeast inflow was replaced with 60kmh outflow. Watched it for a few minutes on the inflow side before heading for the new towers sprouting to the south.
After a nice car wash in Sylvan Lake, a mile south of Hwy11 I ran into my first hail of the day. Cruising along in the sun and blue sky I see the car in front slam the brakes and bail off the side of the road. Then I see the sunlit projectiles streaming from the blue sky 1/4 mile ahead. Brakes. Stop. Quarters and bigger start to pelt in through the open sunroof. 2 point turn and hasty retreat back to Sylvan, hail bits chasing all the way back. Second hail of the day came shortly after getting home, then it really got angry around here for an hour or so with towering storms flashing up all around. We only got about 6mm of rain from the deal but Red Deer and Wetaskiwin both reporting 30mm there and some flash flooding.
Lots of nice structure through the day but didn’t even see a funnel.

Today was supposed to be a sleeper around here, but seeing a storm was really no surprise. Still plenty of flow upstairs and a low forming at the elbow flinging a cold front across started things off early in the afternoon, towers going up west of here that didn’t look like much to start. Then I noticed a real pretty little chimney on the south end of it, all by itself and nearly invisible to radar, then another to the south of that. Very nice flat bases, tops billowing off to the northeast, nice southeast inflow. The close one was eventually eaten by the cold front, and gusted out giving the first shot of hail today, a minute of chick peas and a gust of wind. Another cell popped up behind it and gave us another shower of what looked like crushed ice. The southern cell kept on going and may still be going up north somewhere.
Nothing epic showing in the next 6 hours on the models, but I’ll be watching out the window anyway.

Have a happy and safe Canada Day!

Carvel RADAR Loop June 29, 2010 (3.6mb)
WRF-CAN model analysis for 6pm, June 29, 2010

Thunderstorm north of Rocky Mountain House,AB - June 29, 2010
Thunderstorm north of Rocky Mountain House,AB - June 29, 2010Thunderstorm north of Rocky Mountain House,AB - June 29, 2010Thunderstorm west of Rimbey,AB - June 29, 2010
Thunderstorm west of Rimbey,AB - June 29, 2010Thunderstorm west of Rimbey,AB - June 29, 2010Thunderstorm west of Rimbey,AB - June 29, 2010
Cumulus towers start again west of Red Deer,AB - June 30, 2010Solo storm cell west of Red Deer,AB - June 30, 2010Thunderstorm west of Penhold,AB - June 30, 2010Hail core about to eat some petunias west of Penhold,AB - June 30, 2010

2 Responses to “June 30 – Near Severe”

  1. 1
    Brandon Says:

    Very nice images Pat. It was cool hanging out and thanks again for the cold one! I can’t wait for the next round.

  2. 2
    Dann Cianca Says:

    Great shots, Pat. Looks like you *have* been enjoying yourself “up there”.

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