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16 Aug

August 15 – Damage survey of July 30 tornado path

We headed out early this morning to have a look at the forest destruction in the foothills west of Sundre. It was a beautiful morning out there, nice and warm, clear blue skies. We spent a bit over 3 hours walking around on the south flank of Old Baldy Mountain in amazement at the sight […]

12 Aug

More on the July 30 tornado west of Sundre

It’s a good thing this tornado didn’t decide to touch down in a populated area, it was packing some punch! A few days ago, Bob Henderson left a comment on the July 30 post: “I was out west on Sunday August 7/10 taking pictures of wild horses. As I traveled the back roads I came […]

09 Aug

August 8 – Caroline to Sundre Supercell Tour

We’ve been choking on forest fire smoke for the past week around here, visibility has been very poor, and the storms seem to have been choking on the particulates as well. Sunday, July 8 the smoke mostly cleared out and a nice single cell formed up out around Nordegg and started tracking toward Rocky Mountain […]

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