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October 25 – An early taste of winter

It’s a bit early for the landscape to be white, but there it is.
This morning a good portion of Alberta woke to a wintry scene, a few cm of snow cover for most of the province north of Calgary. Not enough to cause any problems that I heard of, there is still enough heat in the ground to keep the roads from icing up. We didn’t even make it to 1C today, by sunset tonight the grass is still covered, and another day of brrr tomorrow before a warming trend for the weekend, hopefully.
After waiting through weeks of nice October weather at the start of the month for the crop to cure, the race was on by the farmers in the area to get the last of the canola off before this crud rolled in, and it looks like most of them just made it. If there is any bonus to this cold moisture, it’s the dust supression.
Choking on combine dust and talcum powder like dust from grain trucks hammering the gravel roads for the past few weeks, I’ve had enough of the eternal haze hanging over the countryside and coughing up hockey pucks.
It’s been rather bleak around here for photos with all the activity and horrendous dust, but there have been a few nice sunsets. Now that the farming is mostly done I am looking forward to clear skies and some nice waves that November usually produces. Got to be some auroras around here sometime too.

Early snow southwest of Red Deer,AB - Oct.25, 2010
Wavy autumn sunset over the Alberta foothills - Oct.18, 2010Dusty green flash sunset over southwestern Alberta - Oct.21, 2010Wavy autumn sunset over southwestern Alberta - Oct.14, 2010
Late evening duckpond scenery west of Innisfail,AB - Oct.14, 2010Grain pyramid west of Innisfail,AB - Oct.25, 2010Day before full moon - Oct.21, 2010Catamarans rest at Sylvan Lake on a mild autumn afternoon - Oct.23, 2010

One Response to “October 25 – An early taste of winter”

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    Dann Cianca Says:

    Looks like you’re getting a little wave-cloud action! Love the picture of the boats as well.

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