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29 Nov

November 29 – First freezing fog

It’s been a lot like January or February, or March since the last post. Most of it has been spent around the -10C mark with a dash of -2, but after pulling out of the deepfreeze, it doesn’t feel too bad at all. A good portion of the week has been spent under high pressure […]

24 Nov

November 24 – Frozen stiff

But warming up. As I type it is 15C warmer than this time last night. The 3rd image below clearly shows the Mariana Trench type drop off the cliff into the frozen depths, an early shot of Siberian chill we haven’t had this early since 1996. Records were shredded all the way back to the […]

16 Nov

November 16 – Winter arrives

It’s still a bit early for it to be this nasty. I can still hear Bill Matheson talking about the “sword of Damocles crashing down” and ” Nature’s most dreaded phenomena…. the Siberian High”, fond memories. Everyone and their cat knew it was coming, tire shops have been lined up around the block, critters have […]

08 Nov

November 8 – Mild and dusty

Nothing to complain about for the first week of November. Southwesterly flow has kept temperatures well above normal, lots of 20+ numbers to the south, we have made it to 15C which is a good 10 above normal for this time of year. As of yesterday morning, yesterday was supposed to be 15C, then it […]

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