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21 Dec

December 21 – Winter begins/continues + lunar eclipse

Though winter started today officially, there was not a lot different today from most of the day in the past month, it was cold again. Literally nothing to see around here since the last post, endless grey skies and biting wind have kept things indoors mostly. Perhaps a cm or two of snow in the […]

05 Dec

December 5 – Rocky Mountain Mirage

We have already had a fair dose of winter and the season doesn’t even start for two more weeks. Still looking and feeling like the depths of January around here, temps stuggling to get to -10C the past few days, trapped in a layer of cold air under high pressure. The frost was still plentiful […]

03 Dec

December 3 – Quite White

It’s the next best thing to having leaves on the trees. Freezing fog and then some more fog after that, yesterday was completely socked in around here all day, a light breeze stacking the rime up on the west side of everything this time, which is quite a nice treat if it can hang around […]

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