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January 27 – Warm break

A much needed warm break at that.
A slow warmup all week peaked out today with temps climbing well above freezing, we hit 8C in the yard, I saw 10 in Red Deer this afternoon, and Calgary made it to 13C. Nice.
There have been a few interesting things going on around us, but not very much excitement right here.
Darn straight freezing cold garbage weather following the last post kept the cameras in the bag in the house for 11 days, which has to be a record. There just wasn’t anything worth looking at from the 10th to the 22nd. But there were things going on elsewhere.
A ridiculous dumping of snow out in the mountains shut the Trans-canada down for days between Revelstoke and Lake Louise, avalanches all over the place. (link)
Gap winds blasting out of the Crowsnest pass blowing trucks off the highway. (link)
Barn roofs collapsing under snow loads northwest of here around Rimbey. (link)
A messy freezing rain snarl for Edmonton and area. (link)
The worst we got was another big chunk of drift to dig out of out driveway.

With the days starting to stretch out nicely and hopefully the worst of the winter cold behind us, it’s getting time to get the cats out of the garage and try out the nice snow. We have near a foot of nicely compacted/drifted white stuff, polished smooth out in the open by a few good shots of wind from differing directions. With the top inch getting melty today and refreezing into a crust tonight, another 10cm on top of that over the weekend and we should be golden.
Hoping for 10cm anyway to go with the -10C(wishful thinking) we are forecast for weekend highs. If it going to be cold it may as well snow. Another foot for the mountains should return the conditions to insane out there.
Long range is showing us back into the nice stuff by Tuesday night.

Snowed mobiles - Jan.22, 2011Frosty morning sundogs - Jan.10, 2011Sculpted snowdrift - Jan.25, 2011
Wind driven snow art - Jan.25, 2011Sunset lit snowdrift tip - Jan.23, 2011Sunset snowdrifts - Jan.23, 2011
Chinook arch and snowdrift sunset - Jan.27, 2011Iridescent clouds along a lee wave edge - Jan.27, 2011Standing wave sunset over southern Alberta - Jan.27, 2011
Here comes the cold air from the north - Jan.27, 2011

3 Responses to “January 27 – Warm break”

  1. 1
    red Says:

    Wow! What great shots! How beautiful!
    I always look forward to your posts.

  2. 2
    Dann Cianca Says:

    Nice optics there, Pat!

  3. 3
    Jason Says:

    These pictures are amazing, I’ve book marked you and I’m looking forward to future photo’s.

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