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31 Mar

March 31 – A foot for the hills?

It’s been a beautiful stretch of melty weather since the last post. Plenty of sun but not silly warm, just enough to dry up the roads and acclimate us to above freezing temperatures. More walks in the past 3 days than had been taken in the previous 3 weeks, burnt eyeballs from looking at all […]

28 Mar

March 28 – A dismal first week of spring

Another wasted week. By the time the snow of last post finally stopped, we had 30+cm of it on the ground. Then the wind. Endless wind, a solid rushing mass of it that barely changed it’s aim from the southeast for an entire week. The shovels have been busy, the snowdrift fairies have been busier. […]

21 Mar

March 21 – Still wintry

Snow snow go away come again another day. In December please. There is a lot of snow laying around and piled up around here. We were just discussing the giant piles of it in the ditches on most country roads on our way back from town Saturday, and now there is a bunch more. 10-15cm […]

18 Mar

March 18 – Frosty Friday

The fog of last night’s post stuck nicely to the west side of everything this morning, leaving an eye watering rime display behind as it floated off after sunrise. Some more of this magical stuff before the season is finished would be just fine with me. The latest run though the model forecasts for Sunday’s […]

17 Mar

March 17 – Out of the freezer, into the fridge

And it feels fantastic. The warmup started on the weekend, a chinook arch lined up tight to the mountains, wind blasting and puddles forming. We went for a spin out to Sundre and southwest checking for open running water but found nothing more than a than a trickle at Sundre itself, the rest of the […]

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