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28 Apr

April 28 – It could be a lot worse.

Just when it looked like we were going to make it out of the melt without getting our tires wet again, a mix of +12C for two days and a stiff south breeze removed almost all of the snow in the fields and uncorked a few snowjams, washing over our road and a few others […]

24 Apr

April 24 – 10.0 Celsius

November 5, 2010 was the last time the temperature made it past 10C in the yard. The slow buildup to 10.0C today has actually been a good thing, slowing down the melt and sparing us from water issues so far. Capillary flow was cut off to the bigger flows to start the week, fields and […]

19 Apr

April 18 – Freezing fog pays a visit

Right after I hit the post button last night I strolled outside for a breath of fresh and the fog had piled in, leaving a nice halo around the moon that I didn’t capture very well. No wind at the time meant nothing was building on the branches but some little hoar frosties. In the […]

17 Apr

April 17 – Sick of snow

That’s enough already… It has been snowing here since Thursday, and I am so fed up with it that I don’t really want to even type about it. Most of Alberta has had a taste of it, I haven’t heard of any large incidents because of it, but it most certainly has caused a lot […]

12 Apr

April 12 – Morning Aurora and more snow inbound

It’s been more than a year since the conditions have come together for a northern lights show around here, it was a joy to see the stars last night as things were ramping up in the twilight. Most of the clouds stayed away, only a few little bands here and there painted with the orange […]

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