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May 13 – The winds of change

Wind and then some more wind, that is how it’s been and continues to be. Combined with temperatures above 20C, the change in the landscape around here the past week in nothing short of amazing.

Fields that were still covered with snow little more than two weeks ago have been blasted dry by endless southeast wind, tractors taking a test dip in the dirt last week were out seeding full tilt this week. Helicopter sized mosquites are fluttering around and the ponds are full of croaking frogs.

The trip from white to brown to green has seemed nearly instantaneous, pastures that were underwater last week are lush with grass already and today, the leaves started to erupt, literally.
A nice 10mm of rain last weekend washed all the wax and sappy crud off the ready-to-pop buds, and today was the day they took off around here. What was a green tinge on a few poplars this morning turned into full leafout by evening on the leaders.
No question, the next 4-6 weeks and the explosion of life it brings is my favorite time of the year.

First leaves of 2011  - May 13, 2011

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