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23 Jun

June 21 Supercell timelapse video

5 minutes of video of the supercell southeast of Rocky Mountain House from the last post, at 10x speed. Our first youtube post and embed, I hope it works. Quality seems to have taken a hit, will have to read up on that.

22 Jun

June 21 – A proper start to summer

Right on cue, we got a dose of severe weather to kick off the season. 21C was enough to get it done today, with a upper level breeze and a few storms riding the ridge. I spent most of the day trolling around west of here, watching the hail planes murder off anything that sprouted, […]

19 Jun

June 19 – Primed for severe Wx

60mm of rain in the can from the 4 day cyclone that is finally starting to spin apart. Up to 150mm out in the foothills near Rocky Mountain House. More than was expected to the south, but surprisingly no major issues I heard of with the rivers. A break Friday between drenchings helped a bit. […]

14 Jun

June 14 – Shelf surprise

Wasn’t expecting to see much today, so this shelfy little storm blowing in from Caroline was a bonus. Not much wind, no hail, 5mm of rain. Looked like Innisfail got it good though, again. The upcoming soaker low has shifted a bit north in the models, giving a lot of what was set for the […]

12 Jun

June 12 – Watching and waiting

Quite a bit of active weather through central and southern Alberta since the last post. Snow, drenching rain, funnel clouds, and lots of hail. Severe weather has been flirting the whole time but a sufficient combination has not come together yet to produce anything other than a few funnels. TWN has a shot of one […]

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